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I always had an ambition to improve the existing standards when students learn to drive. Now Drive IQ and a2om have beaten me to it!

The BTEC course offers all of the following giving piece of mind through revolutionary training.

Do you want cheaper insurance?

Up to 50%* discount on your first years insurance premium

...a qualification for your CV?

Gain a BTEC qualification equivalent to a GCSE

Tick a better chance of passing first time?

Having completed 4 modules before your test, and a highly trained instructor is a sure way of improving your chances!

Tick Parents, do you want your son/daughter to be safer drivers?


Integrated into the BTEC are critical subjects such as how you would feel if you had a crash? How driver behaviour and distractions such as peer pressure affects young students driving. Motorway and night time driving.

How much does it cost?

Drive IQ allows you to use the software for free.

Drive IQ Pro awards you with significant insurance savings and gain a BTEC level 2 qualification. Training is part of our standard package, and only the costs of the certificate for you to pay of £50 if you decide to apply for it

How does it work?

The BTEC course runs alongside normal driving lessons. Parts of which can be done before you are 17*.

It has 5 modules

1 Driving Skills and Risk

2 Safe Interaction with Other Road Users

3 Environmental Driving

4 Driving Responsibilities

5 Safe Driving Behaviour (Post Test)

Each Module has elements of in-car training and assessments, and online learning.

On the Road Training

Covers all of the Goals for Driver Education set out by the European Union including

Its affects on driving, such as courtesy to others, dealing with anger, your attitude and beliefs towards driving. A Critical Skill, this is the cause of 95% of all crashes.

Situational Judgement and Journey

Discussing and developing students approach towards passengers and distractions, planning routes, getting into the correct lane and reading road signs.

Road Literacy

Knowing the "Theory of Driving" the rules and regulations on the road, reading road signs, markings and understanding how the road works.

Technical Mastery

Understanding how to control the car, an important skill.

Online Software

a2om BTEC Driving Science

Drive IQ Mind

Excellent online recourses to learn and develop skills such as eye scanning and hazard perception

a2om BTEC Driving Science

Drive IQ E Learning

Provides interactive theory much more in depth than what is currently available, and is informative and fun to use.

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