Books, Resources, Training Aids and Bespoke Driver Training Graphics and Literature

Recommended Books

Lesson Planner

The Learnmoore Training Aids for Driving Instructors have been developed with my skills and with help from Nigel Dawson a grade 6 driving instructor. Trailing various methods whist becoming an ADI, their design has been in development for over two years.

Fully Laminated and wiro bound this is a great resourse for Instructors and Instructor Trainers. ADIS, PDIS and ORDIT

£44.99 inc. P&P

Part 3 Guide

The Learnmoore Part 3 guide - explains and gives examples for Part 3 Test.

Includes Core Competencies, Levels of Instruction, Coaching Skills, Q&A, talk through, prompted and guided instruction.

This is designed to go alongside you training.

£29.99 inc. P&P 

The Official Highway Code

This is essential for any driver. This includes all of the basic principles for your theory and practical tests.

It is great value and available to purchase online, delivered directly to your door.

This should be your first books purchase.

The Official DSA Guide to Learning to Drive

This is the Official recommended syllabus from the DSA (The people who conduct your test)

This is what your instructor should cover. It is best you have one of these books so it is easier to track your progress.

It also gives some tips on areas you may need some help with.

Our Lessons Syllabus

The Official DSA Guide to Driving: The Essential Skills

Useful for those who like reading books and like to fully get their head around things before the jump in with both feet.

Amazing resource, often considered the bible to instructors basic driving skills.

Useful for parents wanting to brush up too!

Driving Test Success CD

This is the way to practice for your theory on the computer, for the price its great!

Hazard Perception practice, Theory Questions and much more for the Learner Driver.

Mind Driving

Driving is a lot more that just the physical skills, most of the important decisions made are made in the mind.

This book discusses in a brilliant way the factors which affect those critical decisions and helps develop the approaches needed to be safe on the road.

For the dedicated; book loving learner, instructor and advanced driver.


Police Driving Manual with an advanced approach.

Some of the syllabus includes aspects of this book and is important to understand the skills of observation.

This originally was the basis to all driving books after it was first introduced.

For the dedicated learner and advanced/instructor who wants to further their understanding.