What is Fleet Driver Training?

Fleet Driver Training, Risk Assessments, Driver Training, Eco Fuel Efficient Driving, Health and Safety at Work - Managing Occupational Road Risk. Save insurance, fuel, downtime, repair and litigation costs.

Fleet Training can save businesses money and time as well as been an important part in your Corporate Responsibility.

Health and Safety law requires employees who drive for work to have a risk assessment to highlight any areas of risk, and to act if necessary offering training where necessary. We are here to help tailor training for what exactly you need.

Training costs usually are far outweighed by its benefits, as well as keeping employees safe and responsible behind the wheel.

Here are a few questions that will help you decide if you are likely to need some Fleet Training.

  • Do you have risk assessments for your drivers?
  • Have your insurance costs/claim costs been particularly high?
  • What policy do you have for a punctured tyre?
  • Do you know the speed limits for your vans?
  • Do you have very high fuel bills?
  • Do you know the legal tread depth for your tyres?

For further information do not hesitate to contact us on 07999 992141.

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"Traffic accidents at work are the biggest cause of employment related fatality in the UK"

(RoSPA, 1998)