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Welcome, here are some of the most common questions asked by pupils when they start. Remember to do your research when choosing an instructor, there are plenty out there, some better than others!

It is important you get on with your instructor and you are taught safe and life long skills. Finally 70% of passers in the UK overall have a near miss in the first 6 months, and 20% of passers have a crash. Good training will help prevent them dangers and costs.

Our pass rate is exactly 50% over the last year. Our figures show under 32 hours you are only 31% likely to pass, even with previous experience.

Students that have done at least 32+ hours are 71% likely to pass, even with previous experience.

100 % of Students who have completed 43+ hours with no previous experience have passed first time.


Where do I start, when can I start?
It may be worth getting your eyes checked, as you will need read a number plate from about 20m distance. You should be fit to drive, if you are unsure check online here.

You will need a provisional license to start lessons, you can apply for it 2 months before your 17th birthday or 16th if you are getting the higher rate of disability benefit. You need the D1 form from the post office or apply online. This is currently £50, remember this is a great form of ID too.

How long will it take to pass?
This depends on you, how you learn, and how safe you are on the road. Reading the books above will help you. On average it takes around 30-50 hours as a rough guide. However it is more important that you are safe on the road, than passing. What is the point in passing your test and been nervous or not understanding the road or car. You need to be a safe driver and this is how we train!

Lessons Process


This is the regular lessons route, pass plus an option. This is the very basic recommended route. This will cover all subjects but may result in a slightly higher insurance premium. It is recommended that you should read the books opposite to help you.

Our Lessons Syllabus

Without pass plus, it is even higher. It would be critical some post test motorway training takes place.

1. Start Learning to Drive in Stoke on Trent

2. Theory

3. Pass Practical Driving Test Stoke on Trent

4. Pass Plus in Stoke on Trent

OPTION 2 (with BTEC)

This is ideal, incorporating the BTEC qualification enhances the driving lessons process with online content from Drive IQ which helps with the theory and practical elements of learning. It is recommended that you should read the books opposite to help you.

Our Driving Lessons Syllabus

The BTEC includes the post test Motorway Training and further advanced driving which significantly reduces insurance, after completion. The Extra cost of the BTEC course is offset by the savings on insurance.

1. Start Driving Lessons in Newcastle

2. a2om BTEC in Driving Science

3. Theory

4. Pass Practical Driving Test Stoke on Trent

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Recommended Reading

The Official Highway Code

This is essential for any driver. This includes all of the basic principles for your theory and practical tests.

It is great value and available to purchase online, delivered directly to your door.